Special Events

War Universe has special events from time to time that can give players special rewards.


Spaceball is a special event in which your company can fight between the other two and battle for the prizes at the end of each round. You can find this in map T-1. Once you're in T-1, you'll see a big dot on your Mini-Map, which is the Spaceball. Be afraid to fight because you don't get free Repairs if you die.

All you have to do is help your company keep the ball, by shooting it. You have to get the ball to your Portal in T-1, the one which leads to X-5 map.Once it gets there, your fraction will score a GOAL.


The winning company gets 1 hour of double rewards 1 hour.

Schedule - weekends

19:00 Berlin time.

22:00 Argentina Time, GMT-3.


A legion of robots is released in each sector (Fractions low maps) by which you must coordinate with your teammates to destroy the enemies and defend yours. By destroying them you will get enough resources to use them in future tactical combats.


24%EXP | 32%HNR | 32% BTC | 8% PLT

Schedule - week

21:00 hrs Berlin time

19:00 hrs Berlin time.

21:00 hrs Argentina (GMT-3) time

Schedule - weekend

18:00 hrs Berlin time

22:00 hrs Argentina (GMT-3) time.